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Learn Reiki for yourself.

Many people who experience the deep peace and wellbeing that a Reiki treatment provides wish to learn this gentle, balancing natural therapy for themselves. Reiki training allows you to give yourself relaxing, healing Reiki treatments for your own self-care, as well as being able to share Reiki with your family and friends.

But Reiki is much more than this…

If you consistently practice the principles and techniques suggested during this course, many people find that Reiki leads to many positive changes in their lives and the lives of those around them. Reiki training offers you the opportunity to rediscover your true potential, remembering your innate connection to the inexhaustible and unlimited energy of the Universe. Reiki a way of thinking, of being, of becoming. It is a path of self-care and compassion. Reiki is a way of life.

Reiki training is a deeply meditative experience in which you will be guided by an experienced and qualified Reiki Teacher (master). Anybody can learn Reiki, and all students will receive a certificate, Reiki manual and ongoing support.

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