Counselling, Psychotherapy & Meditation

A Holistic, Person-Centred, Decolonised Approach to Wellbeing

Decolonizing Therapy

In the west, and increasingly across the modern world, a diagnostic, biomedical approach to ‘mental health’ prevails. When a person in emotional distress reaches out for support, this system screens for symptoms, assesses, and diagnoses ‘disorders’. It pathologizes the person […]

I’m here

“I’m here. I’m here to walk alongside you as a warm and compassionate guide on your journey. I’m here to be present for you, to hold space and create a safe place for you to come to explore yourself and […]

Understand. Heal. Grow

I use ‘Understand, heal, grow’ as a tag line on my directories and advertising. In this blog I explain why, for me, it encapsulates the client journey through therapy and how I work as a therapist. For me, it all […]