Counselling, Psychotherapy & Meditation

A Holistic, Person-Centred, Decolonised Approach to Wellbeing

I have considerable experience in the addiction recovery field, having supported people to overcome their addictions for over 15 years. I have worked in rehabs and clinics with people at all stages of the recovery journey, from those still stuck in active addiction and chaotic lives, to those re-building a positive, healthy life for themselves in recovery.

I believe that there are many paths to recovery. Addiction is complex, involving various factors. Just as there are many pathways into addiction, there are as many ways to healing and recovery.

I do not see addiction as a disease or illness but as a destructive and entrenched habitual pattern that usually arises as a way of coping or escaping from difficult circumstances or uncomfortable emotions, often rooted in early attachment issues, trauma and a disconnected life that lacks meaning and purpose.

I believe that each individual with an addiction, with the right support, has the capacity to change, to make powerful, positive, life-changing choices to rebuild a life that feels fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful, a broad, connected and enjoyable life that has no room for addiction.

Some may want to try to moderate their use of alcohol (for example), rather than embrace complete, life-long abstinence. Whilst others may know that total abstinence is the only realistic approach for themselves having tried time and time again to moderate their addiction. I believe this is a very personal choice and support clients on both paths, depending on what is right for them.

Some may embrace the 12 step approach and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) /NA (Narcostics Anonynous) meetings, whilst others may seek an alternative.

As a person-centred therapist, I believe people have the right to find their own way and to genuine choices as they start their recovery journey.

12 Step or non-12 step, spiritual or secular, abstinence or moderation – whatever your chosen recovery path, I will work with you to help you build a strong, sustainable recovery.

I will use a motivational approach to help you make the decision to change and follow this through with effective action.

I will offer you accountability and support, as well as sharing with you my years of experience of knowing what helps people change their lives and overcome active addiction.

You deserve a life free from addiction.